How to earn money online in Nepal ?


Online Earning In Nepal :

For Those who has some hope and a dedicated will working online can earn enough money to support their needs. There are tons of benefits of working online and making it as your full time job but as we know profit comes width after some risks as well. In online platform, you are your own boss. You are the one responsible to find work, to pay expenses,to earn livelihood, etc. Though it puts more uncertainty on you economically compared to a normal job ,you can remain satisfied with the generation of the income after some hardwork and didication.

Online Income are not only for unemployed guys but is also for those with a regular job, who still wants to earn additional income,Some skills are definitily necessary and there are various options available. Some of the best ways to make money online involves Content Creating [YOUTUBE, WEBSITE , FREELANCING ,and many more]. Spending few hours a day writing an article for other sites can earn you a few hundred dollars/month.

Writing original and valuable content for websites that share advertising profits is another great way to earn money through the web. Although making much money kind of seems impossible at first, over the long term, what you can build is passive income. Essentially, any article that you post online will be there until it is removed and it will continue to generate some income over time. While this may not make you rich, given enough time, you'll be able to get some profits from this way.

Start creating or choosing the right products or services, monitoring its performance and always try to foster traffic to the products can improve your marketing skills which can be another business related achievement. However, before you start to concern yourself with those things, a starting point is needed. Here are the most important tools you should have in order to earn additional income online.

1 . E-Sewa - Refer & Earn Offer [ FOR FASTEST EARNING ]

Esewa Esewa ? How ?
To Understand . Read the Paragraph below ↓

This is one of the easiest way to earn money online without doing any uploads on any platforms. The REFER AND EARN offer allows its users to earn [ NPR.20 ] everytime they make registeration from their friends or relatives or anyones mobile number.

Before Understanding the actual process of Earning, Gather Some Ideas From Here !

Esewa opens the Refer and Earn offer almost everytime and often.Just follow the below steps to Ensure You Earn NPR 20 everytime you register Esewa account for the first time on a number.


2 . TikTok


TikTok is a video-sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second videos and has currently updated itself upto 10minutes long videos handeling platform on any topic.TikTok app offers its users a wide selection of sounds and songs along with the options to merge special effects and filtering options. The new app is popular as a video-sharing social network worldwide . TikTok's users can create a variety of videos ranging from challenges, magic tricks, dance videos, and funny videos.In tiktok, users and content creators can upload any types of contents on any categories showthat Tiktok offers its content creators with online earning faciliites.

So Can We Make Money From TIKTOK ?

The answer is Yes !

To make money on TikTok ,First you must be 18 years of age or older, and have more than 10,000 followers, and have at least 100,000 views over the last 30 days.Then, You can then apply to the TikTok Creator Fund in the app.
Similar to other social media creators who are found active on other platforms, many TikTokers have already reached income criteria through the app. Tiktok is easier to make money as it probably looks familiar to Instagram and Youtube).The algorithm of Tiktok seems beneficial for people like Nepal to share their contents becoz of its easy recommendation feature which allows creators to get popularity and reach milestones sooner as compared to other social media platforms.

3 . Social Media Influencer

media influencer

Influencers are people who have built a reputation for their knowledge , skills , works and expertise on a specific topic. They make posts on certain timeinterval basis about that topic on their preferred social media channels and generate large followings of engaged people who pay attention to their views. Many big and small Brands love social media influencers because they can create trends and encourage their followers to buy products they promote.


In order to be a social media influencer,it isnt necessary to have a degree but should have a faith on yourself to achieve something.Just invest some hours of your time with the community and understand their choices and follow the steps that influences your audience. Start is a little hard to tackle,but with time and quality content you can gather a mass who support you and your thoughts.

Being an influencer is not an easy task ,you need to pay attention to yourself and understand your audience to get good retention.After gathering your gatherings ,you can move aheead towards advertising your audience needs and generate some income.Influencers make the advertising activities more engaging and genuine for a target audience, who are often overloaded with tons of commercial advertisements every day.

4 . Content Creator

content creator

A content creator is the one who creates entertaining or educational materials to be expressed through any social medium or channel.Bloggers,podcasters, YouTubers, course creators, video game streamers, and social media influencers all fall in the "content creator" bucket. Content creation is especially a digital content, since the majority of content is consumed (and where the money you’re looking to earn revenue through your efforts can be generated).

Writing, blogging,editing, and updating content for everything , marketing and promotion materials to emails, websites, blogs, and more.

Content creation isn’t just about crafting words but it can be everything from managing social media-to-designing brochures for creating videos. Becoming a content creator can be challenging at first, but it is a fun career path when you're a creative person. A content maker can create content about everything with any desired media whether it's photography, videography, or blogs.YouTube can be one of the favourite platforms for content creators to showcase their talents as it offers huge features and supports quality content seekers. YouTube , FaceBook , TikTok etc are the platforms where you can share your content and earn huge fan following and also earn money from few 100 bucks to thousands of dollars.

Benefits of Being a Content Creator.

5 . Selling Homemade Items On SocialMedias

old people

Another way Adults and senior citizens can make easy money from home is to use their skills with making pickels and other food items [MOMS] , stitching skills , arts , and crafting to make products to sell online. This includes things like paintings, quilts, scented candles, wall hangings, table mats, and décor items.

YOUNG GENERATIONcan help their parents to showcase their skills to the digital society like Facebook Marketplace, Youtube ,tiktok , Amazon to get greater opportunities to sell your homemade goods. Or you can once again turn to social media like Facebook and Instagram to advertise your items and attract customers. As we have seen above lines , there are a lot of jobs for our Moms and senior citizens that come with flexible hours. They help to provide a way to earn money, even without heading to an office .

These money earning tips require different kinds of skills, time, and effort and also offer different levels of earning potential, so it is very likely that you can find the right fit for you.

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