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Leaked Videos of GTA VI - Rockstars Game

leaked footage of gta 6

An unprecedented leak from the rockstar games has been released wholeover the medias. About 90+ videos of Grand Theft Auto under development has been published on the internet . The hacker has even posted the videos on GTAForums claiming as the username teapotuberhacker. The hackers even claim to have full access to the database of the Rockstar Games . The videos that were leaked show all the robberies, open-world driving, and conversations with full voice acting which is ofcourse same like gta v but the footage confirms about a female character which is under development by the rockstar games. It is obvious that the female character in GTA 6 is true and the gameplays related to it is 100% real.

We can clearly see the footages of the leaked videos that the computer cpu related usages and codes running on the background of the video which symbolizes the game is a real leak from Rockstars . The numbers clarify that the game is under construction or it might be the processes running in the hackers computer. The videos are available wholeover the Internet as it was published by the leaker soon after the post. Although Rockstar’s parent company is trying to control the leakage of the videos but the videos has been reached millions of viewers and Rockstars is fully working to take down and claim copyright on the videos related to rockstars as it is a matter of crime .

If counted , there are about 55 minutes of footages on the Internet right now . Many videos shows the female player character robbing a diner, threatening staff and customers, who react in fear to having a gun pulled on them. Then she and her male accomplice get in a shootout with police before jumping in the police patrol car and driving off. The graphical treatment is quite realistic, but still consistent with the GTA house style.

The videos also display some sense of Vice City as when the character character enters a strip club filled with a dense crowd. Further videos show shooting and conversation systems. The leaker even said they might leak the source codes of both the GTA 5 and GTA 6 games sooner or later , and even a test build of GTA 6. On the forums, they took questions relating to the source code, and appeared to share legally sensitive information relating to an ongoing court case over cheat mods for GTA Online.

As Rockstar already said that GTA 6 was in “active development.” The Bloomberg report claimed work on the game had begun in 2014, after GTA 5’s release, but that progress was slow and GTA 6 was unlikely to see release before 2024.The game is fully in its developmental and testing stages right now so this leakage can both hype up the demand of gta 6 wholeover the globe or effect the company in some cases.

Despite these leaks, We viewers should respect the company Rockstars PVT.LTD for such font-awesome games which made our past as well trying to make realistic gta series to engage us on virtual world. The hardworks of the developers working on the game is appreciateable . Yeah , its been a while gta v has been released but the new gta 6 is going to be something disastrous after watching the leaked videos And the news for sure.

Some Leaked Screenshots of GTA VI

gta6 gta6 gta6 gta6

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